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The Exceptional Picnic Excursion

Picturesque and delicious

Using your choice of theme, we'll design the perfect intimate picnic for you and your guests. Enjoy the world around you as you make memories with your loved ones.

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Additional Information

Add ons available

What's included:

Free delivery within 20 miles

Full setup, styling, and clean-up (90 mins included)

2 Hr seating time (can be extended by ordering more hrs.)

Picnic table (2 people)

Grazing board for two

Single-use cutlery, dinnerware and glassware

Cooler with drinks


silk floral arrangement

Coordinating rug(s)

An assortment of stylish, comfy cushions

An assortment of decor to set the scene

Bluetooth speaker

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Bug repellent

Small trash can

Small fresh floral arrangement to keep

Two umbrellas

Handlettered sign

Throw blankets

Board games

Choice of activity

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